In Situ Site Investigation, established in 2008, provide cutting-edge CPT technology and over a decade of expertise across the globe.

Our History - Our Vision

Established in 2008, In Situ Site Investigation has seen steady growth thanks to our strong client focus, commitment to supporting research and development in the industry and the securement of industry experts to our first-class team of CPT and Pressuremeter professionals.

Our aim is to provide quality site investigation services - Cone Penetration Testing- for our clients and we are fully committed to providing a friendly and professional customer service for all projects.

At In Situ Site Investigation, we produce detailed reports tailored to our clients’ requirements. Our focus is always on our client’s needs and specific project requirements. We work closely with them to ensure that fieldwork is completed accurately, the right equipment is utilised to gather the necessary data, and the reporting matches the required specifications.

We also strive to be at the forefront of in-situ technology with a developing range of specialist cones and probes, and an expanding range of CPT rigs.

In Situ track truck CPT rig

Our Approach

In Situ Site Investigation can provide Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) services, and ground survey services throughout a wide geographical area.

Though based in the UK, we undertake many of our projects overseas.

Inside CPT rig CPT 025 Sonic

Our Equipment

Quality is ensured by using the newest digital technology with the most advanced cones, operated by experienced well-trained staff that care about what they do.

We use the newest and most advanced CPT equipment in the industry. We are the first company in the UK to use a digital cone system, improving the quality and increasing the potential for cone technology.

We also have some of the most advanced cones available, including the video cone and soil moisture cone. It is not just the cone equipment that we look to use and keep the most advanced, but our rigs as well. All of our rigs provide a clean and safe working environment for our staff and clients.

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Competitive Rates

At In Situ Site Investigation, we pride ourselves on offering competitive rates and many value-added services.

Our aim is never to be beaten on “value for money” for our services and we welcome all-sized tenders.

We understand that getting quotes and prices together for tenders is a deal-clinching process. Delays in the tendering process may result in the loss of projects and future work. We aim to return all tenders and price enquires by the end of the working day by email or within 24 hours of us receiving them.


At In Situ Site Investigation, we pride ourselves on our interaction with the local community, academic community, and geotechnical community since the business started in 2008.

We are proud sponsors of local clubs and often engage with schools as well as supporting various charity events.

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Girl's cricket team sponsored by In Situ Site Investigation

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