At In Situ Site Investigation, our limited access CPT rig collection is comprised of a comprehensive range of rigs to suit all project requirements.

We have completed projects in many locations and terrains, including:

  • River embankments
  • Rail cuttings and cesses
  • Docks
  • Nearshore (craned onto tugboats)
  • Basements
  • Bridge abutments
  • Marine jack-ups
  • Urban areas
CPT 003 Mini Rig on a restricted site

In Situ Site Investigation CPT Fleet  

Our limited access CPT Rig collection is ideal for restricted-access sites because of the compact nature of the equipment.  

All of the limited access CPT rig equipment can be stripped down, reduced in size, and carried manually onto the site if access is limited.  

Furthermore, the limited access CPT rig includes electrically driven hydraulics used to push the cone into the ground ensuring there are no exhaust fumes emitted from this type of testing. This ensures that the testing process is environmentally friendly as well as limiting noise pollution in built-up areas. 

cpt rig on restricted access site

Rigs Deployed For Restricted Access Sites 

At In Situ Site Investigation, our limited access CPT rig collection is comprised of a comprehensive range of rigs to suit all project requirements.   

Our fleet includes the following: 

CPT003 Mini Rig 

Our Mini Rig, CPT003, is a small, tracked limited access CPT rig weighing only 3.5 tonnes. It has hydraulically driven screw anchors which add additional reaction weight of up to 20 tonnes needed for deep penetration of the ground.  

The Mini Rig can also be mounted onto rail trailers, or craned into restricted areas such as basements, marine jack-ups, and tugboats making it an ideal limited access CPT rig for specialist sites needing quality site investigation both over water and on land.  

Our Mini Rig can also track across the ground so can be used in areas of soft, rough terrain. 

CPT009, CPT014 & CPT015 Excavator Mounted CPT Rigs 

We have 3 excavator mounted CPT rigs which are ideal for work on rail sites, including the track bed or embankments, cuttings, and areas of restricted access.  

The limited access CPT rig, (CPT009, CPT014, and CPT015) have also been utilised successfully for testing down the slope of a riverbed.  

Each of these rigs weighs 3.5 tonnes and is attached to an excavator or RRV when completing CPTs, enabling it to test safely on slopes. 

CPT020 1.5 Tonne Tracked CPT Rig 

Our mini track-mounted rig is a fully hydraulic machine that runs on a petrol engine. The compact size and lightweight nature of the limited access CPT rig make it extremely manoeuvrable and able to access sites of a restricted nature such as marine jack-ups, rail sites, or indoor locations e.g. basements, warehouses etc.  

The limited access CPT rig is equipped with an automatic self-anchoring system, which quickly anchors the rig to the ground using 100 mm diameter continuous spiral screw anchors or larger diameter single spiral anchors. The rig is transported to and from the site in the back of a transit van or light truck. 

CPT023 CPT Basement Rams 

Our hand-portable CPT rams are ideal for testing in warehouses, basements, and areas where space is confined, and access is restricted. The rams have their own electric, hydraulic power pack which is also hand portable.  

These rams can be used to complete two to four locations in a day because they need bolting to the floor in order to produce the required reaction force for testing. 

Restricted Access CPT Experts 

Established in 2008, In Situ Site Investigation offers unmatched reliability and efficiency with the use of our diverse limited access CPT rig collection.

Our limited access CPT rig fleet can be made available for environmental assessments, restricted access sites etc.

Our team of experts has a proven track record of delivering rapid and precise geotechnical data with the use of our cutting-edge CPTs and tailored services to meet the needs of every project.

Contact us for more information about our Restricted Access CPT Operations