At In Situ Site Investigation, we take pride in being able to offer an extensive range of CPT Consulting and Continued Professional Development Services.

Our CPT Consultancy Services

In Situ Site Investigation’s CPT Consulting service covers all areas of Cone Penetration Testing and related activities:

CPTU Supervision

Our hands-on experience and CPT Consulting includes:

  • Supervising CPTU works on site
  • Progressive stages of data collection
  • Data quality checks
  • Data analysis
  • Factual report provisions
  • Estimation of geotechnical parameters for specific ground conditions
  • Client representation

In July – September 2019, In Situ Site Investigation provided CPT Consulting services including supervising CPTU work on the site of Sasa – Central Asia Metals Mine, in Northern Macedonia, which was carried out by local contractors.

CPTU tests were required to be undertaken on the historic tailings beach surface. In Situ SI was engaged to perform a progressive collection of raw data, QA/QC reviews, and provision of factual CPTU plots, as well as estimation of undrained strength ratio and evaluation of liquefaction potential.

Data Management

We have considerable CPT Consulting experience in geotechnical data management.

We work closely with our clients to develop a data collection program and ensure all datasets are readily exported in versatile formats for further analysis.

By offering instant reports, the data is available for further manipulation in AGS or Excel format soon after the tests have been completed on-site.

Being involved with major infrastructural and power plant projects in the UK, we have had experience managing over 1000 tests per project, with a turnaround of final interpreted results within 24 hours or even instant reports after the completion of tests on site.

Geotechnical Assessments

We provide CPT Consulting guidance on selecting the appropriate characteristics of soils for geotechnical analysis, as well as various correlations between in situ and laboratory soils’ parameters for a better fit to your design requirements.

Our extensive experience spans a wide range of site investigation techniques, involving correlations between soil behaviour types and visual descriptions from boreholes, diverse back analyses from load tests, and over 10 years of proficiency in seismic downhole tests.

This CPT Consulting expertise positions us to provide guidance on addressing complex design aspects related to seismic areas, soils susceptible to liquefaction, and those with a high risk of instability.

Ground Modelling

Our engineers can provide geological mapping and ground modelling for a range of different-sized projects, which allows our clients to facilitate the ground investigation programs, provide a more accurate site characterisation, and help with detailed geohazard studies.

Continued Professional Development

As part of our CPT Consulting services, we offer free presentations to companies who wish to find out more about CPTs.

Our 60-minute course, ‘A brief guide to CPTs’ is endorsed by the British Geological Society and we can issue formal CPD certificates for those in attendance.

All presentations are free, and we will even provide pizza for lunch, which has proven to be extremely popular!

Our presentation can be tailored to suit your needs, so please do not hesitate to ask if you would like any specific areas covered such as advanced uses of CPT results, Pressuremeters, MiHpt Environmental probes, etc.

In addition to our presentations, we have held several free ‘single day’ CPT and Pressuremeter Courses across the UK, Ireland, and globally. These are presented by leading industry experts and provide in-depth, tailored technical talks and analysis on the use of data and equipment as well as detailed case studies on how the testing can be used on different projects.

For more information about our CPT Consulting Services and upcoming Continued Professional Development courses and presentations, please contact a member of our team.

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