In Situ Site Investigation has vast experience with geotechnical investigation for railway projects and has completed work across the UK and Ireland.

CPT Rail Ground Investigation

In Situ Site Investigation regularly assist in geotechnical investigations for railway projects using specialist CPT equipment. Cone Penetration Testing is ideal for rail investigations as the procedure causes minimal disruption and the equipment can be utilised in areas with restricted access.

Geotechnical investigation for railway can assess the condition of the ground beneath and around the railway and the condition of embankments. This can help in the design of foundations and other track-related structures such as bridges and tunnels.

During any form of railway testing, downtime of services must be kept to an absolute minimum, so we understand that the need for quick results is imperative. CPT offers a quick assessment of the ground beneath the track and produces reliable and accurate real-time results.

CPT 020 Paolo 1.5 tonne tracked CPT rig on rail project

Geotechnical Investigation For Railway Experts 

At In Situ Site Investigation, our work has included completing geotechnical investigation for railway stations, on the track, for bridges, and for embankment stability.

We have a selection of rigs to suit these varying scenarios, including 1.5-tonne and 3.5-tonne mini crawlers. These are particularly suitable for on-track testing where there is access along the cess or between the running rails. These are also used on areas off-track with difficult access such as beneath railway bridges and difficult-to-reach areas at the foot of embankments or even on embankment slopes.

Our expanding geotechnical investigation for railway capabilities includes three purpose-built excavator-mounted CPT rigs that have been designed to attach to road rail excavators (RRV).

Once attached to the RRV, these CPT rigs can be transported along the track and the arm of the RRV is used to place the CPT rig in the desired position. This can be at various locations either on the track, down embankments, or up cuttings.

Having the ability to utilise two or three rigs on a single possession could save the client the additional cost of further possessions.

Please click here to read about us utilising two of these rigs on the track in Bristol.

Excavator Mounted CPT rig working on a rail site

Award-Winning Geotechnical Specialists 

We were recently announced as winners of the AGS 2020 Video competition! The time-lapse video above shows us using one of our excavator-mounted CPT rigs.

Tests were completed on either side of a bridge abutment to provide information about the ground material in order to rebuild a bridge.

Excavator Mounted CPT rig working on a rail site

Rail Case Studies 

Over the years, In Situ Site Investigation has been involved in a number of geotechnical investigations for railway services at well-known locations. 

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