Early autumn saw us complete a project on a section of the railway line in the London Borough of Tottenham. This job required the use of two of our rigs; the Volvo and the Mini Rig for CPT testing along the embankment of the railway line. We commenced the project with the Volvo and later returned to site with the mini crawler to complete tests in more restricted areas.

We were asked to investigate the ground here for a replacement railway bridge so needed to complete tests on either side of the embankment.

Testing was successful and a detailed report was issued to the client where the ground proved to be alluvium material down to approximately 3 metres followed by 4 metres of medium dense gravel and finally into the London clay.

Project : CPT tests on Tottenham Embankment

Date : October 2016

Location : London, UK

Rig : CPT001 'Volvo' and CPT003 'Mini Rig'

Type of Testing : CPTs