This site was required to assess the sequence of superficial deposits and their geotechnical properties beneath an existing reservoir. As part of the site investigation, we conducted Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) and Cone Pressuremeter (CPM) Testing in combination, independent of the drilling operations.

The reservoir was partially drained to allow access and then testing was carried out within the reservoir itself. We mobilised one of our low ground bearing pressure tracked crawler CPT rigs to ensure best movement around site. This rig was used to perform CPTs using a piezocone to record a profile of the subsurface material and also to carry out dissipation tests. The ground profile was reviewed on site by our client to select the appropriate depths and material type that they wanted to test. We then used the CPT rig to push the Cone Pressuremeter equipment into the ground to carry out the pressuremeter tests at the discrete depths specified.

We carried out 14 pressuremeter tests over 6 CPT locations to a maximum depth of 38.20 metres below ground level.

Project: Cone Pressuremeter and Penetration Tests in Wales

Date :2023

Location: Wales

Rig: CPT 007 Morooka

Type of Testing: Cone Pressuremeter Tests (CPM) and Cone Penetration Tests (CPT)