In Situ Site Investigation has a successful history of Petrography projects, with a proven track record in ensuring reliability and accuracy.

Petrography, put simply, is the detailed study and classification of rocks and minerals.

As part of our Petrography services, analysis is undertaken by the macroscopic description of hand specimen size samples, followed by a detailed microscopic examination of a thin section of the material in question.

In Situ Site Investigation Petrography Services

In Situ Site Investigation offers various Petrography services, ranging from the simple identification and lithological description of an unknown rock sample to a detailed petrographic report. Our detailed reports include qualitative descriptions of features such as composition, mineralogy, microstructure, and grain size at various levels of detail.

Clients from the mineral and construction industry typically require the following Petrography services:

  • Classification of raw material from primary rock quarry producers
  • Identification and description of rock material from geological and geotechnical site investigations
  • Classification and certification of material from natural aggregate quarry producers
Petrography Services
  • Quality control of supplied rock and aggregate to secondary construction users
  • Identification of unforeseen ‘problem’ material during construction operations, i.e. drilling, piling, and tunnelling
  • Examination of recycled aggregate and the potential identification of contaminants and other deleterious material

Rock strength testing and detailed chemical testing (via XRF and XRD analysis) can also be performed to enable a comprehensive petrography report to be compiled.

Petrography Services

Expert Petrography Specialists 

Established in 2008, In Situ Site Investigation are industry-leading experts in Petrography analysis and reporting. 

Our core objective is to provide precise and insightful Petrography analysis and reporting to contribute to the success of our clients across various industries. 

As industry-leading experts in geological and geotechnical site investigations, our Petrography analysis and reporting services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients in the mineral and construction industry and can help in crucial decision-making processes. 

Petrography Services

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