In Situ Site Investigation has a dedicated Sample and Core Logging facility, based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

The facility is equipped with two core splitters, together with core photography set-up and core logging stations.

Our Core Logging Services 

Our in-house team offers a high level of expertise. We undertake Core Logging on behalf of our clients across various industries, providing them with valuable information.

At our facility in South Yorkshire, we routinely process Core Logging samples from both land and marine investigations, capturing detailed images and logs in relation to the following materials:

  • Soil
  • Marine Sediments
  • Rock

All samples are then managed by our experienced in-house Geologists.

In Situ Site Investigation can also carry out Thermal and Electrical Resistivity Testing.

European and National Standards Compliance 

In Situ Site Investigation routinely report Core Logging data to the current European Standards (ISO 14688 and 14689), although other national standards, e.g. ASTM, DIN, and Danish, can also be utilised where required.

During the Core Logging process, in-situ measurements, such as undrained shear strength, can be carried out via torvane, laboratory vane, or fall cone.

All Core Logging and testing data is digitally recorded and converted into AGS format for immediate import into a database, such that exploratory hole logs can be provided within just 24 hours.

If required, In Situ Site Investigation can also provide geotechnical laboratory testing schedules and manage the testing program.

Geotechnical testing of soil, marine sediments, and rock is carried out at a UKAS-accredited partner laboratory, also based in South Yorkshire.

Reliable Core Logging Experts 

Established in 2008, our team of expert in-house Geologists ensure meticulous management of all samples so that we are able to provide detailed imaging and logs from our state-of-the-art core logging facility. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable and dedicated service to our clients.

Our team adheres to the highest industry standards and can tailor our core logging services to meet specific project requirements.

Our approach lies in our dedication to continuous improvement, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of in-situ testing techniques and emerging technologies.

Contact us for more information about our Sample and Core Logging Services