In December 2013, In Situ Balkans, carried out 7 CPTs and 1 DMT in the area of Golemi beach, in Durresi city, Albania. This was a research project and the client will use the results of the In Situ investigation to study the liquefaction potential of the 7 km long area.

The tests were carried out at a distance approximately 1 km from each other using the 1 Tonne rig. The tests were located near the beach and it was very easy to reach the locations asked by the client.

Only 2 of the CPTs and the DMT were located in the Pines Park of Golem. The dimensions and the ability of our rig to be positioned in between the trees and also to move into difficult terrains, helped us to successfully carry out all of the tests included in the research project of liquefaction potential of the coastal area of Golemi beach.