In Situ Site Investigation completed a specialist water project within the Albert Docks in Liverpool.  Our Mini Rig, CPT 003, was craned onto a spud leg multi cap vessel and transported across the dock to complete tests over the water. Proposed redevelopment of the area required significant geological testing and by utilising our mini rig anchored onto a vessel, our client was saved the cost and time of draining the dock in order to assess the ground conditions.

A total of 3 MOSTAPs, 7 shear vanes and 14 CPTs were completed within the 5 day window given. We successfully used our new electronic shear vane testing equipment to measure the in situ strength of the ground. The CPTs went to a target depth of approximately 3 metres through the soft sediment before stopping at the bedrock.

Project : MOSTAPS, Shear Vanes and CPTs carried out in Albert Docks, Liverpool

Date : May 2018

Location : Liverpool, UK

Rig : CPT 003 'Mini Rig'

Type of Testing : MOSTAP, Shear Vane, CPT