15 Sep, 2023

If you haven’t done so already, head over to the AGS website where Darren Ward, Luisa Dhimitri and John Holt from In Situ Site Investigation have submitted an article titled ‘Introduction to Cone Penetration Testing’ for the September issue of the magazine. The five-page submission explores how CPTs have increased to form a significant element of ground investigations carried out today.

It explores in detail the full test procedure, standards covered as well as the advantages and disadvantages of carrying out CPTs. The main types of CPT cone are listed as well as the applications for each cone to enable us to identify which is best suited for specific projects.

The article also investigates the types of CPT rigs available; both tracked, wheeled and even both, known as a track-truck. These rigs come in different sizes and weights and each is deployed according to the project specification from rail, roads, fields, over water, beaches, basements, slopes etc as well as other areas with restricted access.

A final section on data processing rounds up the article in which the results that can be obtained from CPTs are analysed as well as the use of CPTs in Geotechnical Practice.

To read the full article, click here.